Our fourth ambassador!

We’re really proud and pleased to introduce Axkids fourth ambassador! Now it’s Jane’s turn to be presented.

– Who are you and why did you chose to be one of Axkids ambassadors?
My name is Jane and I’m twenty-five years old. I live with my fiancé and beautiful little daughter in beautiful Sörmland. I blog about parenting, about our daily lives, my dreams and goals. I could never have imagined how quickly my blog would grow and what doors to be opened for me. Now to get the opportunity to become one of the ambassadors for Axkid is really big! I feel so proud! Proud to have the opportunity to spread the message about how important the safety of children in the car is. Have to carry this responsibility feels like an obvious mission as a parent. I will do this wholeheartedly!

Jane’s blog: http://nouw.com/JANEMARINA
Jane’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janemarina

Somos una empresa sueca comprometidos con la seguridad infantil en la carretera. Nuestra solución es viajar mirando hacia atrás, a contramarcha, el mayor tiempo posible. Creemos que la seguridad, el confort y la educación deben estar interrelacionados. Unas mejores normas de seguridad y un mayor conocimiento sobre el tema, salvan vidas.