Axkid launches new products at Europe’s largest children’s and baby fair

At the beginning of 2018, Axkid will present new products as well as updates to existing models.

The Kind + Jugend fair in Cologne, from 14-17 September 2017 was a great opportunity to get a glimpse of Axkids upcoming updates as well as the brand new releases and even the new colour schemes that will be available in 2018. The new releases will be available in early 2018, but for those of you whom are curious and didn’t get to Kind + Jugend fair, Daniel Johansson, Axkid CEO, can reveal what is going on.

What updates can we expect 2018?
We will see an updated Axkid Minikid with reinforced side impact protection, which we have developed together with a crash laboratory in Germany. We have also focused on improving user-friendliness through improved clothing that is easy to remove. In addition, belt clips and support legs have been reworked to improve the overall Axkid Minikid experience.

What’s new for 2018?
We will launch a new car seat, Axkid Minkid ISOFIX, the car seat will be mounted with anti-rotation bar and ISOFIX. Like the standard Axkid Minikid, the Axkid Minikid ISOFIX is reinforced with side impact protection and full of user-friendly solutions like the removable clothing and the support leg.

For our smallest customers, we have a brand new baby car seat, the Axkid Minkid Infant, with side impact protection. Axkid Minikid Infant also has integrated pushchair adapters and a ventilation system. The baby car seat also comes with a base unit that can be fitted with ISOFIX or seat belt.

2018 sees Axkid branching out into a new market segment with our new pushchair, Axkid Life, with focus on mobility. We have developed the pushchair so that when folded it’s the same size as your airline approved hand luggage. The pushchair can also be turned in to flatbed sleeper and you can even purchase a generous carrycot for the little ones. And of course, as a car seat manufacturer we have made adapters so you can easily clip in and go with your baby car seat.

We can also promise you a lot of new refreshing colours and designs for our seat covers on Axkids upcoming products in 2018. To be continued…

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